Thursday, April 17, 2014


"Thomas, the current Hand of the Island, is a bit of a mess. He hates being the Hand. Hates the job he has to do. Hates the horrible things he encounters. And his solution to deal with this is to abuse every substance he can get his hands on after each encounter."

More curious about the origin of Thomas Alsop and the Hand of the Island?

Our upcoming creator owned series from BOOM! Studios has been featured at comicbookresources where the writer Chris Miskiewicz speaks out about the magic realm of Thomas Alsop. Check it out here.

And if you STILL haven't seen the trailer for this awesome book, go here. NOW.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


The rabbit is out of the hat! BOOM! Studios is releasing issue 1 of 8 of creator-owned book Thomas Alsop in June 2014, an occult New York story, written by Chris Miskiewicz and drawn by yours truly. Bleeding Cool did a nice little write up and people have been showing all kinds of support via Twitter and Facebook . I've obviously known about this for a while, even recorded a podcast with my friend and mentor Peter Snejbjerg on the topic of working on a monthly book.

What is Thomas Alsop? Who is Thomas Alsop? Well, he's a rock'n'roll magician, a tv celebrity, a douchebag and an unlikely hero if there ever was one. His old band was called The Black Sheep. He's the current Hand of the Island, the magical protector of Manhattan.

I won't spoil any of the actual story for you, but if you're hurting for more, you can read a 12-page short featuring Thomas Alsop here: and watch the live action promo at

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a comic to work on.

Friday, November 22, 2013

On the move: 5 JOBS AT ONCE

This week I've been teaching a comics storytelling at The Animation Workshop here in Viborg, Denmark, to the first year of students on the new graphic storytelling line. Meeting these talented young cartoonists has been very inspiring, and made me aware of a lot of things about the craft that I ussually don't pay much attention to. It also confirmed a lot of things I already knew, like the importance of having a script before you start drawing!

Teaching storytelling and thumbnails has been my day job, while the nights have been spent mostly working on content for my tutorial site, both inspired by the learning environment at the school and the fact that my webmaster lives in the city, giving us chance to meet and work in person. Last night we uploaded a new site design that I hope you like. And hey, while you're liking stuff, why not go to Facebook and like the page there?

My third job was as an artist. I had to do a liitle drawing of my own on a paid gig, while the students were hard at work. Basically just a few character sketches. Took a picture with my phone and sent it off for approval.

Fourth job: Writer. Not that I've been writing much this week, but I did get an email that the first draft of a YA novel I sent in a few weeks ago had been read AND greenlighted by the publisher. This will be the fourth YA novel I write, and also the fourth to get published. Not a bad hit rate, if I dare say so!

My fifth and final job is being a blogger, something I just now have the time for while I'm waiting for a student driver to take me to the airport.

This weekend: No plans other than hanging out with my family and doing some laundry.

My first meeting with the school was a mild and foggy morning.
Everywhere in the buildings you find cool stuff from earlier productions or assignments, like these character models.
Got my own office! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

View from my corner of the classroom, while a video tutorial is playing.
Work spaces under the roof, each studio named after comics creators. This is "Kirby".
The City of Viborg is not the most happening place after regular working hours.
Students evaluate each other's work after a long day of thumbnailing.
My guest book sketch. Goodbye, guys! I miss you already!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm here in Bretagne for the annual Quai Des Bulles comics festival, along with a small delegation of Danish cartoonists. Since I don't speak French or really know any locals, most of the time has been spent hanging out with Danes I don't get to see a lot back in Copenhagen.

I recorded a podcast from the festival for the Comics for Beginners site. Check it out here.

And for the pictures to go along with the sound, well...

Saint Malo is a beautiful medieval city and the weather has been awesome for October.
Upon arrival I got these great plastic coins that you can buy drinks with. Awesome VIP style.

Not all the French are friendly.

Saint Malo is an old pirate town. It runs as a theme in some of the exhibitions.
One day I want a sketchbook out with my name on it too!

The Danes. In this picture, Rene Birkholm, Sussi Bech and Frank Madsen.
Pirate tattoo, anyone?

The French artists take their time with signing, giving each fan an elaborate sketch.

Live sketching in the main building, with a view of the chatau outside.
Quite a few more people at the festival on Saturday, standing in line for sketches.

An elobarate show for the kids, complete with mad scientists and giant artist robot.
More pirates.

The VIP lounge is in an old boat docked next to the festival building.
Tons of restaurants are along the old city wall. St Malo is a great place for food and drinks.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On the move: NY PICTURE POST

I'm back at the studio here in Copenhagen after a few hectic weeks in New York. I enjoyed bicycling here with music in my headphones, wind on my face and the smell of the wet streets. This is home. Won't be here long though as I am heading to France for another comics festival this coming weekend. I was at Saint Malo last year too and really enjoyed it, although I didn't make a single French connection.

I'm still reeling from the impression of NYCC, sending follow up emails and going through the images and sound I recorded there. A lot of material for upcoming podcasts for Comics for Beginners.

As for the images, here is a small selection, mostly free of touristy family shots.


Rock'n'comix event in Brooklyn bar The Fifth Estate. Later I read in Chinese accent with Chris Miskiewicz on stage. Fun night, boring picture.

At the con. Fatigue set in after about five minutes. SOOOO many people. So many costumes. So much STUFF. Noisy as Hell.

At the High Line. Excellent park built on the old train line, by Danish architects!

I did a podcast interview with Spiderman artist Tom Lyle, here seen signing original artwork for a fan.

The often-shirtless Dean Haspiel with the not-so-often-shirtless Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool.

Williamsburg in the sun. We were so lucky with the weather, hardly an overcast day.

Manhattan seen from Williamsburg. We took the ferry over a few times, a nice little ride.

I always forget how many PEOPLE are on the streets of New York. All the time.
Dean Haspiel sketching on napkins at the Marvel party which we crashed after hours.

Reilly Brown and Jason Little at Hypothetical Island studios in Brooklyn, looking at my book, STILETTO.

Ever wonder where Batman buys his capes?

At Central Park. The little one finally got the Hello Kitty ice cream she wanted.

Location scouting with Chris Miskiewicz in the East Village. Took tons of reference pics for our Thomas Alsop story.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


On the flight here we had a lot of turbulence. For more than half an hour we seemed to drop from the sky at irregular intervals, the hull shaking and creaking, people were screaming and throwing up.

So although I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow, I'm not exactly looking forward to the flight itself.

It's been an intense two weeks, packed with Comic Con shenanigans and meeting friends, shopping with the family and walking for hours and hours. Yesterday I went location scouting with Chris Miskiewicz, writer of the upcoming series about Thomas Alsop, supernatural NY detective.

I'm really looking forward to digging in and start drawing more of this series. I've done the ground work, breakdowns and roughs on the next instalments, a lot of research and character sketches. I'll be posting more of this as we approach an actual announcement, right now we still a few things to fall into place.

While I was here I also managed to make some podcasts for, some of which have already gone up. Interviews with Dean Haspiel, Seth Peck, Jason Little and others will follow, but the past days have been mainly family time.

Anyway, I just wanted to put up a quick update as the girls get ready for breakfast. Time to head out into the city for our last vacation day. Hope the flight back goes smoothly.

Monday, October 14, 2013

On the move: NYCC 2013

I've been too busy meeting people to really do much blogging this year. But here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to and what I feel I got out of this New York Comic Con that just ended today.

I went with the distinct purpose to corner some of the publishers who I pitched STILETTO to in San Diego, and remind them that I exist. I did just that with a couple of editors, but it felt akward to be bugging them about a response. Much like the concept of dog years, three months for a creator waiting to hear back may feel like a mere twenty minutes to an editor.There seems to be no ill will or conscious decision to ignore me. I guess I will have to be patient, which is NOT one of my biggest talents.

While STILETTO still hasn't found a US publisher, it seems another property I'm involved with as an artist has been picked up and if all goes as expected, I'll be drawing a monthly book for the US market next year. Exciting times, indeed!

I also got a lot of positive feedback on STILETTO from other artists and writers I met here. And while I'm here in New York, the national network of Denmark, DR, decided to put STILETTO on a must-read list alongside bestselling Danish fiction authors. So if you saw me at the con and thought I looked taller than normal, that's probably the reason.

Another goal of my trip was to conduct some podcast interviews with other creators for the Comics for Beginners site. I managed to put up a daily podcast (!), recording and editing on my iPhone and uploading from coffee shops that had wifi. To listen to interviews with the likes of Jim Zub, Kurtis Wiebe, Jose Villlarrubia, Rick Parker and Tom Lyle, go to

I met with a lot of old friends and made new ones, actually starting to feel like part of a community where we try to help each other and create beautiful things. A lot of things about the industry are still a mystery to me, but much less so than even a year ago. And know I have a bunch of people I can ask for advice, which is awesome.

To everyone who looked at my books, listened to my stupid questions and let me into their lives and their craft this NYCC: Thank you.